Features which enhances the productivity of structural modeling

Features which enhances the productivity of structural modeling

I think the entire Architecture, Engineering and Construction fraternity will give thumbs up to my argument when I say; structural modeling includes much more complexities in relation to other disciplines. There can never be a negligible error in context of structural design and construction as it can have drastic or radical consequences to the health of the building as well as to the safety of people who possess it after its completion. In the structural design process wherein structural modeling remains its integral part, cutting edge tools are optimized by design and construction professionals for developing high end 3D models.

Revit features which make structural modeling convenient for modelers

  • When it comes to the strengthening of structural elements, BIM modelers can successfully locate rebar which is an important structural component in a variety of 2D views.
  • With the assistance of placement plane tool Revit users can put rebar in multiple views such as elevation views and plan views etc. for strengthening concrete elements.
  • For enhancing modeling workflow, Revit users can quickly snap to an imported CAD drawing.
  • When it comes to making changes in the alignment reference, Revit users can do that effectively as they can select numerous framing element instances whose alignment can be changed to a common join reference.
  • When it comes to resetting multiple changed references that can be done by Revit users with the assistance of Change Reference tool.
  • For improving the speed of structural modeling Revit users can utilize various tools that are incorporated in the software.
  • To offset the geometry of a framing element, Revit users can optimize ‘y Offset’ and ‘z Offset’ tools which are located in the Justification panel.
  • When it comes to dealing with the properties of line loads and Point loads Revit users should make use of properties palette which are successfully regrouped under this.
  • When it comes to maintaining justification modifications, geometry and setback etc Revit users must flip framing elements.

With the assistance of all these features and tools Revit users can successfully develop effective 3D structural models.

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