What kinds of tasks are performed by AEC professionals in Revit Family Editor?

What kinds of tasks are performed by AEC professionals in Revit Family Editor?

Family Editor which is a quintessential graphical editing mode in the highly used building design software Revit is used for immensely constructive purposes by designs and construction professionals. It is largely used by AEC professionals for developing standard component families and in-place families for building projects. The importance of Revit Family Editor is extremely difficult to describe and it can only be understood by AEC professionals who use it tremendously for creating high end families. The tools that are incorporated in it such as Reference plane tool, Family Types tool and Dimension tools etc talks enough about its importance for design and construction professionals.

Activities that can be performed in Revit Family Editor

  • Family editor can be used by Revit users for developing entirely new families as well as for editing existing families for creating a new family from them.
  • Both loadable families and in-place families can be created as well as edited in Family Editor.
  • With the assistance of Family Editor, Revit users can modify a family from a project.
  • For doing so they can select an instance in drawing area and then click Modify. By clicking on Modify tab they can go to Model panel and finally select Edit family option from there.
  • Revit users can edit a standard component family outside project area and for doing so they have to Click Revit, then ‘New’ and finally ‘Family.’
  • In Family Editor Revit users can create a standard component family with the assistance of a family template.
  • For creating a standard component family from template, Revit users have to select correct family template that effectively applies to the family which they are creating.
  • One most important thing that must be known to every Revit user is that tabs and panels keep on changing on the basis of the type of family that is being edited by users.
  • Another important thing is that system families cannot be edited in Family Editor as they can be used by modelers in their existing forms.

Last but not least Family Editor contains all the essential tools that are critical for the development of in-place and standard component families.

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