Architectural Construction Drawing for Multiple House Types, UK

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis

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Architectural Construction Drawing for Multiple House Types, UK
Project Objective

To develop a complete set of Construction Drawings with equipment schedules for multiple house types. The construction drawings had to be developed following UK Architectural Standards and Building codes.

Client Summary

Tesla has executed this project for an architectural firm in the UK. They have been into business for more than 3 decades and have executed projects in designing commercial, retail, medical and community facilities.

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Project Summary

The project consisted 2 blocks (apartments), and 32 houses. The houses were broken down into 4 different house types. The apartments were bespoke. Tesla was required to create the drawings to fit with site requirements/elevation treatments and site specification.

The client provided us with the conceptual drawings that consisted of basic plans and elevations. We developed the construction drawing set from these drawings. The entire project was executed within 21 working days. Tesla executed the project successfully because of which we bagged more projects from the client.

The final drawing set included:

  • Setting-out Plans
  • Services Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Elevations
  • Section
Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables
  • Construction Drawing Set in 2D format
  • 2D Detailed Drawings
  • The final deliverable had to be very detailed. The drawing set had to be developed in compliance with NHBC and LTH standards. A 2 day training was organized to understand the LTH standards.