Complications faced by Revit users after linking a DWG file and their solutions

Complications faced by Revit users after linking a DWG file and their solutions

It context of file linking process the proper utilization of  linked geometry can only be relished by those BIM technicians who are well versed with all the technicalities or minor details  of file linking system. Though a file is linked by design and construction professionals in their project they can still face complications in utilizing design details from it if they are not so proficient with the application of 3D modeling and building design software Revit. BIM technicians should be aware of all the tools and their functions which can help them while working with linked files.

Common complications faced by users while dealing with DWG files in Revit

  • Many a times, Revit users are unable to get the latest developments in DWG files which is linked to Revit, this problem occurs when users do not know how to recover the latest version of DWG file.
  • This situation arises when computer aided drafters make some changes to the original DWG file in AutoCAD after the file was loaded by Revit users in their projects.
  • In this case, wherein design and construction professionals want Revit to display the latest version of DWG file, they are required to reload the file.
  • Once the file is reloaded by Revit users the latest changes will be immediately reflected by the linked DWG file.
  • For reloading DWG file users are required to approach Manage Links option, which can be accessed by clicking Manage tab and then Mange Project panel.
  • Once the Manage links dialog is opened, users are required to click ‘Reload’ by approaching CAD Formats tab.
  • After clicking Reload, they are required to click OK, which ultimately opens the latest version of the DWG file in Revit.
  • The problem of not retrieving the latest version of the file can also be experienced by design and construction professionals if they have imported the DWG file in the Revit projects instead of linking it.
  • In case the file is imported, Revit can’t reflect those changes which are included in the file after it is linked in Revit.
  • So it’s always better to Link the DWG files in Revit and not import them.
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