What is the process of performing structural analysis?

What is the process of performing structural analysis?

Structural analysis is the process of identifying the repercussions and consequences of applied load to the physical structure of the building. In other words it is the process of finding out the reaction of the structure when it suddenly confronts with high force, heavy load and sudden pressure etc. A structure normally confronts the pressure from the load imposed by natural forces such as snowfall and cyclones etc, which are generally regarded as live load. Apart from that the structure also faces the pressure from building components which is nothing but the dead load. Hence to withstand dead load and live load remains the main function and requirement of structural framework and the development of effective structural design which is effectively inspected and evaluated through load calculations and structural analysis helps in achieving this motive.

Process of performing structural analysis in Tekla

  • For effective structural analysis design and construction professionals are required to establish a code for load modeling.
  • Once a code is effectively established for load modeling, structural engineers and modelers are then required to develop load groups.
  • Creations of load groups are followed AEC professionals by the development of loads.
  • Tekla users are then required to develop an analysis model for carrying out structural analysis which is created with the information that is contained in physical model and load model.
  • With the assistance of default analysis model properties design and construction professionals can effectively develop a fresh analysis model.
  • Once the analysis model is effectually developed structural engineers and modelers are required to export it to the analysis application of Tekla.
  • Analysis application is utilized by users for conducting analysis tests.
  • For acquiring detailed information, users can easily alter the analysis model and can perform analysis tests for that as well with the help of analysis application.
  • Apart from that, design and construction professionals can also include relevant settings and additional loads in analysis application for the exclusive identification of the impact of loads on the structure.

In this way AEC professionals can effectively carry out structural analysis in Tekla.

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