Use AutoCAD for Developing High Quality MEP Shop Drawings

Use AutoCAD for Developing High Quality MEP Shop Drawings

The worldwide Architectural Engineering and Construction industry are facing high competition in terms of providing satisfactory architectural and engineering solutions to general contractors and home builders. MEP CAD drafting services are among some of the most important pre construction engineering services which are immensely important for mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers when it comes to design and installation of MEP systems.

AutoCAD is one of the most important software when it comes to the development of MEP shop drawings as it accommodates highly aggressive, innovative and distinguished tools and features which allow MEP drafters to add a high level of details in the drawings.

Method implemented for developing MEP shop drawings

  • MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) shop drawings accommodate huge information with high details in them which are meant to be used by fabricators for the manufacturing components of MEP systems.
  • For creating these drawings in AutoCAD MEP drafters require huge details which should be provided by MEP engineers.
  • Explicit specifications are sent by mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers regarding the design of HVAC, power distribution system and plumbing system of the building which are carefully referred by drafters.
  • CAD drafting standards are carefully followed by drafters when they generate detailed MEP shop drawings for the utilization of fabricators.
  • AutoCAD is highly instrumental when it comes to performing detailing for MEP components.
  • These detailed drawings include information on dimensions, material specifications, manufacturing standards, and information concerning welding etc.
  • Details regarding each MEP components are provided systematically in these drawings.
  • After completing these drawings, MEP drafters have to provide them to mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers for the purpose of performing a detailed review for them.
  • Each and every aspect of the drawings is thoroughly checked by engineers and if errors are determined in them they effectively highlight them and add some notes for the reference of drafters so that they can make necessary alterations.
  • The feedbacks provided by the engineers have to be effectively looked by drafters for making corrections.
  • Once the drawings get final approval from MEP engineers they are provided to fabricators.
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