List of significant tools incorporated in Revit Family Editor

List of significant tools incorporated in Revit Family Editor

For developing high quality in-place and standard component families design and construction professionals require highly distinguished tools which are largely available in Revit Family Editor.  Families are indispensable building components such as windows and doors etc which are tremendously important for the successful development of building design. When a family is created by Revit users it can be utilized by them for multiple projects in future.  Apart from that, they can also modify an existing family and use it in other projects and this helps in saving tremendous time and efforts.

List of tools contained in Family Editor

  • The most instrumental tool that is incorporated within Revit Family Editor is the Family Types tool, which is required by Revit modelers for creating fresh family types wherever they create in-place families and standard component families in Revit.
  • For accessing Family Types tool Revit modelers are required to approach Create tab and then select Family Types icon from Properties panel.
  • Another important family creation tool which is required by Revit users is the Dimension tools.
  • Dimension tools can be accessed by Revit modelers by going to Annotate tab and then to Dimension panel.  These tools are optimized for creating permanent dimensions to in-place and standard component families, apart from the one which are instantly provided by Revit when users start creating family geometry.
  • That means when Revit modelers start developing family geometry, Revit instantly provides dimensions to the family.
  • The Model Line tool is another significant tool in Revit Family Editor which is often optimized for developing 2D geometry when there is absolutely no necessity of solid geometry.
  • For accessing Model Line tool, Revit modelers are required to reach Create tab and then Model panel from where they can select Model Line option.
  • The Symbolic Line tool is also very crucial when it comes to family creation as it is utilized for developing the lines which are totally utilized for symbolic purpose.
  • For selecting this tool users are required to access Annotate tab then Detail panel and finally Symbolic Line.
  • Apart from that Reference Line tool and Reference plane tool are also tremendously important when it comes to creating family geometry.

Apart from these tools there are enormous other tools which are available in Revit Family Editor.

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