Revit Family Creation for Domestic Water Treatment Company, UK

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
Creating Parametric Revit Families for a Domestic water treatment company in UK
Project Objective

Develop a Orca system which are used in hospitals and offices which kills bacteria present in water and provide safe drinking water. These set of families can be categorized in the “Plumbing Category of Revit Families”.

Client Summary

The company for which we completed this project is a well-known water treatment company based in London.

casestudy Sample image 1
casestudy Sample image 2
Project Summary

This client is a company supplying water purifier in London, UK. This company connected with Tesla through a referral done by a company already working with Tesla. This project was divided into three phases and includes the creation of three assemblies/ families in Revit. If these modules are executed successfully we shall receiving 50 such modules to work on. Tesla was responsible to create Revit families of components used in the development of water purification machine. These independent assemblies will then be put on websites for sale and clients purchase parametric based on which the product will be manufactured. Client had offered us 3 modules initially but on the successful pilot run, we had to execute 50 such modules.

Tesla completed the Pilot run successfully and received the project consisting of the remaining 50 families

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

– Parametric Revit Families and assemblies for the 50 water purifier parts after the successful pilot run of 3 families

– RFA files and JPEG images


– Execution of Revit Families Creation project without AutoCAD inputs or clear Dimensions. Worked directly from images and pdf specification

– Quick turnaround time

– Success in the Pilot run of 3 Revit families determined the other 50 modules