Scan to BIM Project for Residential Buildings in Europe

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
Converting point cloud files to BIM model for residential buildings in Europe
Project Objective

To develop a complete model including, architecture and structure, of a building from the point cloud file. The required LOD was 250.

Client Summary

The client is a BIM consulting company that develops and streamlines building projects in Denmark through implementation of BIM.

casestudy Sample image 1
casestudy Sample image 2
Project Summary

Tesla had to create a BIM model of LOD 250 for approximately 13,200 m2 that was divided into 3 buildings. Point cloud data was provided for all of the buildings. We were required to model

  • Architecture Exteriors (Walls with openings, doors, windows, ventilators, stairs, elevators, ramps, railings, parapets, etc.
  • Architecture Interiors ( Walls with Openings, Doors, Glazing using default Revit wall types / families only)
  • Structure (Generic Primary elements indicative of the super-structure, floor, slabs, Columns, beams and trusses)
  • Site Development (Uniform, monolithic, flat surface on which the building masses are placed. Only a perimeter of 5 meters around the building.)
Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

Revit 3D model with LOD 250

  • The quality of scan was very poor. Assemblies and other elements were not visible in the input file.
  • The trusses were not visible in the point cloud file. We had to use our best judgement to ensure precision.
  • One of the buildings had internal levels that were not visible in the cloud point file. It was a challenge to understand and model the slab levels.
  • The deadline was very short. We had to deliver the entire project within 15 days and we achieved it.
  • The client was impressed with the quality of work that was delivered despite the low quality of scans.