3D Floor Plan for Residential Units, USA

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
3D Floor Plan for residential units located in USA
Project Objective

To develop 3D Floor Plans (perspective view) for 17 residential units

Client Summary

The client is a well-known surveying company in USA.

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Project Summary

Tesla had to develop 3D floor plans (perspective view) for a total of 17 residential units in USA. The client had sent us one unit initially to be created. The entire project depended on the quality of work that would be delivered for the 1st unit. The client had provided us with the AutoCAD file and pdf of the unit along with a checklist of the type of material to be used for the project.

We created this unit and the client was happy with the output. Subsequently, we received 16 more units to be created along with their CAD files and material specifications. The entire project was completed successfully within 7 working days.

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

3D floor plan images


• While working on the 1st unit, the client changed the material specifications which led to a lot of rework. Rest all the units were created based on the 1st unit.