Scan to BIM for a plant room in United States

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
Creating a BIM model from the point cloud of a plant room in the US
Project Objective

To create a LOD 300 / 350 model of Mechanical equipment and Electrical & Piping Services from the point cloud file of a plant room of a water treatment plant.

Client Summary

The company is a 70 year old company and a well-known name in the US for its multi-disciplinary work in engineering, land surveying, planning, environmental and safety consulting, landscape architecture, construction services, transportation planning and traffic engineering to clients in the private and public sectors.

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Project Summary

Tesla had to create a Revit model of the Mechanical equipment and Electrical & Piping Services of the Plant room of a Water Treatment Plant. The model had to be replicated as closely as possible with the point cloud data that was provided.

We were required to place

  • Piping
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Motors
  • Panel boards
  • Distribution boards
  • Sockets
  • Conduits

Lighting fixtures

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

Revit 3D model of LOD 300/350

  • The biggest challenge was to attain the precision as the quality of the scan was very poor.
  • Electrical cabling and connections were not visible in the point cloud file. We had to use our best judgement to ensure precision.
  • We did not have any information on the meters and valves in the piping circuit. We used our best judgement for proper fitment of the type of meters and valves.
  • The client was impressed with the quality of work that was delivered despite the low quality of the scans.