Energy Analysis – A Primary Step Towards Green Construction

Energy Analysis – A Primary Step Towards Green Construction

There is little doubt on the fact that environmental conditions are deteriorating day by day, and whether you believe it or not but by and large construction remains the major reason behind it.  I know all of you reading this blog will agree with me when I say, Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry is growing exponentially across the globe, which ultimately indicates that the entire planet is witnessing rapid construction.

And rapid construction finally indicates that a large number of forest area is getting converted into suburbs and cities, which is really having dangerous impact on our natural environment. And because we are continuously interfering with our natural environment, it is degrading our ecosystem day by day.  However, people across the world have started to realise the seriousness of this problem, which has eventually given birth to green construction. Yes, you got that right, as we cannot put a full stop on construction, green construction remains the only solution of this alarming problem.

Techniques used by architects and engineers for developing green buildings

  1. Development of green buildings was extremely difficult for architects and engineers prior to the introduction of high-end BIM software.
  2. Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Revit MEP, Allplan, and Tekla Structure etc., are some of the most widely used Building Information Modeling software products, which play a huge role in the development of green buildings.
  3. All these BIM software products are really crucial for architects and engineers when it comes to designing high performance buildings.
  4. Pre-construction remains the right time for the effective utilisation of these software products, wherein architects and engineers use them for developing 3D digital models of the building.
  5. And during the design development phase both energy modeling and energy analysis play tremendously significant role in the development of green buildings.
  6. The only reason behind executing energy Modeling services, is to produce high-end energy analytical model.
  7. It is the energy analytical model, which allow building professionals to perform energy analysis for the building in question.
  8. Energy analytical model, which contains precise information for the development of energy simulations, can be easily developed from architectural elements such as roof, floor, walls, windows and doors etc.
  9. The outcomes of energy analysis are used for improving building design, which leads to the creation of high-performance buildings.
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Divya Dave
Divya Dave is a Senior Manager with Tesla Outsourcing Services. An engineer and management graduate, she has been working with the outsourcing industry now for more than a decade. With a passion for writing, she writes on topics that provide an insight into CAD, BIM, and 3D Visualization services for the Architectural, Structural, and MEP disciplines. Her focus is to enable architects and engineering professionals in the AEC industry to adopt the right technology so as to increase their efficiency and profitability.

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