Scan To BIM – Create Pristine As-Built Drawings & 3D Models From Point Cloud Data

Scan To BIM – Create Pristine As-Built Drawings & 3D Models From Point Cloud Data

Scan to BIM Modeling is the latest technology to have invaded the Architectural and Construction Industry. This technology is widely used by Measuring and Surveying companies today for renovation and restoration projects. Many companies worldwide are adopting this technology for a quicker and accurate execution of projects.

Ever since building professionals have discovered the use of laser scanning technology in Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, they are really living in peace. It seems that the planning problems, design complications, and onsite challenges confronted by architects, engineers,drafters, detailers, modelers and Contractors etc., have waned away substantially after they started using cutting-edge tools and techniques in construction.

In this blog I am going to discuss how laser scanning technology and Building Information Modeling is optimised by building professionals to streamline the execution of renovation, retrofit and refurbishment projects. And at what point of time in project lifecycle these technologies and the processes in which they are used appear in the picture.

Well, as we are discussing the scan to BIM process, here laser scanning technology is optimised at the first place by building professionals. And this particular technology is implemented for extracting detailed design and construction information from the as-built building that needs either renovation or refurbishment. In the most simple terms we can say that laser scanners are used for scanning or surveying the building which is supposed to under go the process of renovation.


So in order to extract accurate as-built information from the building, professionals accountable for executing the laser scanning survey process have to correctly install the laser scanners at the proposed location. Once that is done they begin with the process by sending or throwing laser beams on different parts of the building. In other words they scan the entire surface of the building from different angles. Once laser beams hit the surface, they come back to the hardware along with detailed point cloud data. The entire data is then added together and provided to architects, engineers and modelers, who  use it for generating drawings and models.

Now, once the laser scanned data is collected and provided to architects and engineers then comes the time to utilise BIM software for developing precise as-built drawings and models from point cloud data. BIM software can easily read point clouds, which help modelers in obtaining and referring  comprehensive as-built information, that is finally  leveraged for developing high-end as-built models. So, in this way both laser scanning technology and BIM is necessary for building professionals when it comes to generating informative 3D models for renovation and retrofit projects.

India is one of the most sought after destinations today for Virtual construction. Point cloud modeling is climbing up the popularity charts pretty fast. There are many Scan to BIM Modeling companies in India that offer cost effective and highly precise 3D models extracted from laser scans.

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