BIM resolves the complexities of structural design process

BIM resolves the complexities of structural design process

Structural design process is undoubtedly very important for the accurate and timely development of structural framework of the building, which is required for holding and transmitting distinct kinds of loads. When a building is developed, structural framework remains the first thing to be constructed in the location. The basic intention of developing it is to support the architecture and MEP systems (which are generally installed once the building is constructed) of the building.

Development of lost lasting buildings remains impossible until and unless strong structural framework is developed for them.

Role of BIM in producing powerful structures

  • Building Information Modeling can be elucidated as the methodology used for design documentation for different building disciplines such as architecture, structure and MEP.
  • There are different Building Information Modeling software such as Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP, which are used by building professionals for the development of effective design.
  • When it comes to structural design, Revit Structure remains utmost vital for structural engineers and BIM technicians because it allows them to represent design information in the most effective way possible in 3D.
  • Structural models helps a lot in multidisciplinary coordination, as all the information pertaining to structural design can be easily coordinated among building professionals through them.
  • The collaboration between structural engineers and architects can be easily enhanced with the support 3D parametric models produced for structure.
  • BIM also allow design and construction professionals to minimize errors from structural design which ultimately helps in enhancing design quality.
  • Last but not least, the management, construction and delivery of building projects becomes easy with the support of BIM which is basically used for design documentation.
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Divya Dave
Divya Dave is a Senior Manager with Tesla Outsourcing Services. An engineer and management graduate, she has been working with the outsourcing industry now for more than a decade. With a passion for writing, she writes on topics that provide an insight into CAD, BIM, and 3D Visualization services for the Architectural, Structural, and MEP disciplines. Her focus is to enable architects and engineering professionals in the AEC industry to adopt the right technology so as to increase their efficiency and profitability.

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