Architectural Pre-construction Services – An over view

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Pre-construction services are an integral part of today’s construction world. Not that they were any less important in earlier days, the process of executing post design process has drastically changed. Some of the Architectural Pre-construction services that have evolved in the past few days are Architectural BIM Modeling, Digital drafting, 4D and 5D modeling, Revit Drafting etc.

Architectural Revit drafting

Revit Architecture is a parametric 3D software that helps in creating a virtual construction model of a building structure prior to actual construction. Revit not only helps in creating 3D virtual construction model but also assists in creating 2D sheet views within 3d model. Revit technicians can easily develop 2D drafts and extract pdf formats. This process is known as Architectural Revit Drafting. Revit model and drafting gives a very clear idea about the architectural services existing in a building. It is mandatory to follow the bylaws and the construction compliances to get accepted by the commissions.

Architectural Revit BIM Modeling

BIM technology is the most fascinating invention in the construction industry. Virtual construction modeling aka BIM assists builders, contractors and construction industry professional by giving a clear idea of how a building is getting constructed. Errors, clashes, design revisions, costing etc. can be identified from a complete BIM Model. Revit Pioneers BIM, however ARchicad, Bentley etc. are also some of the software that offer BIM.

ArchiCAD and Revit Architecture are used extensively by Architectural firms and BIM companies to produce high-end and detailed Revit BIM Models. Best feature that BIM offers is creation of parametric model. Apart from giving plain 3D models, one can definitely add in other parameters like costing, take offs and facility management , sustainability etc..

Architectural visualization

Architectural Visualization is the process of providing photorealism to 2D architectural drawings and 3D architectural models. This helps in creation of a photorealistic 3D image that can be used for the presentation of a design. Google Sketch up, 3DS max, Revit etc. are some software that support rendering.

These are some of the pre-construction services that are ruling the roost in the construction industry.

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