Clash detection and BIM co-ordination using Revit

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Clash detection is a process of checking collisions and interferences within multiple disciplines of building. It can be within plumbing and electrical discipline or plumbing and mechanical discipline along with architectural and structural disciplines too. Clash detection is one of the key features that any virtual construction modeling software offers. Revit, Navisworks etc. are some of the software that supports clash detection. Navisworks offers an extensive clash report which helps the contractor or BIM Engineer identify the clashes prior to resolving them. Revit generates Bill of quantities by location, save time and re-works in construction project is the optimum clash coordination software.

Clash detection services offers many advantages. They are listed as under
Model sharing: With the help of BIM 360 , process of clash detection and BIM co-ordination becomes easier. All the people involved in the construction process can access the model easily
Reduction of interferences and collisions: Revit and Navisworks help in visualizing and checking clashes with the help of geometric model in 3D. It gives a diligent and detailed clash detection report which can help the BIM Engineer to analyze the gravity of the clash and how it impacts the overall building design.
Checking collisions and interferences – The model can be opened in navisworks and a comprehensive clash detection test can be run prior to the actual construction. Clash detection services offered by any BIM company ensures that the co-ordination tools are utilized properly and the potential issues that delay construction is outright minimized.

Conflict Management- Design conflicts can be easily managed with the help of Revit and Navisworks. There are techniques through which the conflicts can be tracked and resolved. We can track and resolve the conflicts accordingly depending on the design complexity and standards. We can also detect group clashes and individual clashes within the model.

360 degree communicative process: There can always be clashes however the key to success is resolving them and communicating about the clashes to the contractors and clients who are working on the construction process. Reports, navigation through the navisworks model etc. can give excellent insight on the clashes and further resolution of these clashes.

Clash detection and resolution – Navisworks consists of clash object colors, composite level collisions, saved viewpoint management, reporting filtered results, user- controlled isolation and many such features that help in identifying and resolving conflicts. With the help of Clash Manager in Navisworks one can very well isolate a particular area in the model and work towards resolving the model overall.

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Bhagwati Pathak
Bhagwati Pathak is an Executive Director at Tesla Outsourcing Services. Technical Project Management, BIM, Client Management, and Leadership are her forte. With an expertise in BIM and a flair for writing, her articles provide a direction to contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, and architects in employing the right methodology for an Architectural, Structural, or MEP CAD / BIM project.

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