Architectural BIM Services: An Overview

Architectural BIM Services: An Overview

Building Information Modeling is nowadays becoming essential and plays a significant role in making new construction projects successful with almost 100% satisfaction. BIM models created using modern software are not only useful for design engineers but are also helpful for project management, cost management, engineering consultants and builders during construction and installation. Let’s dive into an overview of Architectural BIM Services.

What is Architectural BIM?

Architectural BIM Modeling includes the process of conversion of paper architectural drawing, hand-drawn sketches and rough ideas into realistic 3D models. The inputs can be in the form of:

  1. AutoCAD files
  2. Paper sketches
  3. Rough ideas
  4. Pdf files
  5. Scanned pictures
  6. Images in any format

The output of maybe in types of:

  1. Pdf files
  2. Revit 2D files
  3. Revit 3D files

There are many software available that are very efficient and offer an excellent opportunity for collaboration. Some of the major software that helps in providing precise Architectural BIM Services are ArchiCAD, Revit, Sketchup, Allplan Architecture, etc. Selecting an appropriate software can hold the key to the overall success of utilizing virtual designing in a project.

3D BIM Modeling Services helps to analyze the arrangement of spaces, components, and connections inside the room space. It provides space for the client’s customized design inside the room and thus results in satisfaction. It also helps in proving different views from various angles. Along with that, it provides the flexibility of changes in the initial design concept.

Benefits of using Architectural BIM Services

  1. Using VDC in the architectural designing process helps architects to visualize pre-construction models. Which helps in analyzing different design concepts in achieving actual building design.
  2. It provides 3D realistic models to architects, engineers, builders, contractors and interior designers that in turn, will allow reducing project cost.
  3. Generating 3D models helps in getting a high degree of precision, strong design perception, a good understanding of architectural design standards and access to modern technology. It delivers higher-quality BIM service and helps in moving towards project success.
  4. Virtual Design and Construction provides high quality and accurate documentation of the construction process, which helps in Risk Mitigation and conflicts removal.
  5. High-quality construction documents that are extracted from the architectural model play a vital role in waste elimination cost saving that speeds up the construction process.
  6. For a project contractor, the information contained in the completed 3D VDC model can be compared against the finished structure to locate discrepancies and fix responsibilities in an event. At that time a dispute like this can serve as evidence for the parties involved, thereby curbing legal hassles to a certain extent.


The role of BIM Modeling spans beyond just being another digital medium. By correctly using the features available with the software, it can help you in minimizing costs, locate and fix errors in the pre-construction phase itself (i.e. before they happen on-site during construction), and accelerate construction schedules. Our team of BIM modellers and architects provides Architectural BIM Modeling Services for residential, commercial, institutions and industrial buildings.

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Divya Dave
Divya Dave is a Senior Manager with Tesla Outsourcing Services. An engineer and management graduate, she has been working with the outsourcing industry now for more than a decade. With a passion for writing, she writes on topics that provide an insight into CAD, BIM, and 3D Visualization services for the Architectural, Structural, and MEP disciplines. Her focus is to enable architects and engineering professionals in the AEC industry to adopt the right technology so as to increase their efficiency and profitability.

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