6 Reasons BIM Analytics Tools is used to unleash the full potential from BIM Models

The utilization of Revit BIM Services is quickly escalating in the design, development, operations and maintenance of building and framework resources. The simple reason behind this is digital technology is making our lives easier by allowing us to manage the building and infrastructure projects efficiently through digital BIM models.

Utilizing BIM, we can make a digital copy of physical resources, procedures and frameworks which is referred as ‘digital twins’ of structures. The models allow us a 3D visualization of construction drawing along with MEPF elements. We can also add specifications of materials, costs of components, and sequencing and maintenance requirements. BIM has the ability to implement it all according to the level of detailing required by the project managers.

Utilizing such advanced digital models, which attract immense amount of information in a single place, complex estimations can be drawn. BIM analytics tool allows us to interpret the vast amount of data which the model contains. This analysis helps in the entire lifecycle of a construction project from designing to construction and maintenance of a building.

However majority of people in the AEC industry don’t know of any ‘standard’ way of setting the information necessities. They still depend on processing the data manually, which is difficult and tedious.

Below mentioned are the 6 reasons why the project owners and managers should use BIM analytics tool for greater efficiency and project success.

6 Reasons BIM Analytics Tools is used to unleash the full potential from BIM Models
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