Architectural CAD Drafting for a Restaurant in USA

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
2D Drafting I Architectural Drafting
Architectural CAD Drafting for a Restaurant in USA
Project Objective

To recreate 2D drawings of architectural floor plans for a restaurant project in AutoCAD from the pdfs provided.

Client Summary

The client is a full service architectural and MEP engineering design firm based in the US.

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Project Summary

The scope of this project was to convert existing pdf floor plans for a restaurant to AutoCAD files. The client had provided us with the pdfs that needed to be converted to AutoCAD along with a sample file so that we can follow their layering standards.

The drafting included:

  1. Sheet A-1 – 1 sheet which includes Floor Plan & misc. details.
  2. Sheet A-6 – 2 sheets which contain wall sections
  3. Additional plans – 1 sheet which includes various partial plans.

All notations (i.e. all text, dimensioning, and section and elevation tags) were excluded from the scope of the project.

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

The final set of sheets included AutoCAD files of the pdfs provided.


This was a fairly simple project and Tesla accomplished it before the given timeframe.