Utilization of Architectural Construction drawing Services

Utilization of Architectural Construction drawing Services

Designing any building conceptually is the first step towards building construction. Now a days, construction drawings are not only a part of the development stage, but contribute a lot to the design segment too. Many AEC projects, be it large or medium scale rely on a specific design and delivery model. Every project and building type has a project delivery model that needs to be followed. The Architectural firms which on designing any building and is focusing on developing the design in totality, needs to focus completely on the method of how the working drawings are developed. They need to specifically outline the requirements of detailing, drawing needs etc. with the Construction Drawings service provider to ensure proper quality and standardization. Many companies walk on tight rope in terms of budget and expenditure owing to many factors.

It is very important that the Architectural Designers or the firm develops the construction drawing set keep in mind the building type and delivery model clearly. It should also keep in mind the purpose of the building, design intent and so on. Some of the important drawings within the Architectural construction drawing set arePlans, Design details, Specifications, Site Plans, basic sections and elevations etc. once these conceptual level drawings are presented we can BID the project. Apart from conceptual drawings, as a part of the pre-bidding process one can focus on developing detailed Construction Drawing set with floor plans, interior elevations, RCP etc.

The actual development work starts after winning the bid. It becomes important to develop the Architectural Construction Drawings based on the building requirements, standards, codes and delivery methods. Seamless Construction process is very important for the General contractor as the overall process affects the budget, project delivery and quality of the building construction. Hence it is important to hire a competent Architect or a Design firm to create Architectural CD Sets. If the company providing Architectural Construction Drawing services are experienced and well trained on applying building codes and standards, there are less chances of having erroneous details or issues on actual site.

Availing compliant and standardized Architectural Construction Drawing Services reduces the on-site construction issues by 80%. Design changes arising during actual construction is a major deterrent on-site. These changes consume longer time, elongates the construction process and takes in for re-dundant meetings to discuss the design changes with multiple teams and are counterproductive for meeting the construction deadlines.

The only way to reduce such on-site issues is to focus in delivering quality and accurate Working Drawings. It is also advisable to avail Architectural Construction Drawing Services from a firm that has the ability to conduct a thorough check after the completion of the drawings. Intermittent constructability reviews, quality checks and collaborative meetings overall reduce the chances of errors, increasing overall ROI and above all meet the deadlines effectively.

Accurate Architectural CD Sets make site permits, licenses and documentation process overall unified and speeds up the construction process tremendously.

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