Revit 2019 – Latest upgrade in Revit brigade (Excerpts taken from Revit Blog: AutoDesk) Citation

Revit 2019 – Latest upgrade in Revit brigade (Excerpts taken from Revit Blog: AutoDesk) Citation

Revit 2019 is the latest upgrade that has been recently launched by Autodesk. Like all other version upgrades this version also has lot of unique and special features that will catapult Revit to a different level altogether. These features helps in excellent collaboration between different disciplines, excellent design integration with other phases, ability to add in more and complex details along with more accuracy.  Let us talk more on the additional features offered by this software version compared to previous one.

Revit 2019 with BIM 360: This latest version of Revit is augmented to work with the BIM 360 platform. This platform basically helps in centralizing the BIM model on the cloud which can be accessed by Engineers, stakeholders, Architects, BIM Coordinators and Builder at the same time. BIM 360 provides an updated model at all-time which makes it easier for reviewing and collaborating with different agencies. Work sharing principle works to the best of the advantage for design teams with Revit 2019.

Increased interoperability

With the help of the latest version, there can be excellent IFC import and export standards. Some of the software whose elements could not be copied previously can now be copied completely in this version. They can be mirrored too.

Structural Precast in Revit

This is one of the best features in Revit 2019. This feature helps in seamlessly working through the design to fabrication process through the structural precast tool in the software. We can create the drawings for the precast components and also assimilate it with external plugins to get the required results. This software has in a way automated the entire process of creating structural precast. This process helps in collaborating the shop drawing features with fabrication which ensures seamless coordination with fabrication.

Enriched 3-D features and fabrication

There is an addition of enhanced features in 3D modeling that improves features like rebar detailing, scheduling etc. New families have been added to the Revit library with updated rebar shapes apart from the older ones. This feature is an excellent tool in presenting the designs with free form rebar.

Shape enhancements for complex architectural forms

Architectural 3D modeling sometimes demands tough and complex geometry as a part of the design intent. The dimensions and the shape does not go hand in hand in many cases owing to the complex shape and limitations to achieve them. With Revit 2019 the dimensions can now work on such geometry and will help the complex structures like bridges, domes and all other complex 3D geometries.  Complex roofs, windows, facades etc. can be modelled without any difficulty.

A collaborative tool for steel detailing

Revit 2019 offers excellent structural editing features and 3d components that can be used in connection modeling. This feature was previously not available. Complex steel components like anchor bolts, studs, weld, connections etc. can be positioned in a 3D structural Model. The best feature of this version is to develop structural design model and later collaborate it with steel fabrication plugins that helps in creation of accurate fabrication drawings.  With the new steel engineering features, we can create accurate engineering design drawings and documentation, annotations and dimensions that can provide shop layout for fabrications.

Widespread location access

Revit families are one of the most coveted features that Revit 2019 offers. There is an addition of BIM content for Architects, Structural and MEP professionals, especially for European countries. With this new library and country-specific capabilities, Revit can benefit these countries and shall be a tough competition to other software dominating these locations.

Ability to create complex piping components

In the previous versions, the users had to work on some complex MEP elements like connectors and work on the input data extensively. With this version, there are tremendous improvisations made within the software as complex piping network and model can be done efficiently. Support for MEP systems, bridges etc. are available. Actual integration between BIM Modelers and Engineers happens efficiently here. Quantities and calculations can be easily derived using Revit 2019.

Assistance in the Design Stage:

Several complex structures, BIM components and Architectural design features have been added to the new version. The best feature is addition of curvy components, split railings etc. The process of creating these components have become simpler than before and can also be easily edited.

Rendering enhancement: Revit is known as a BIM software however the newer versions help in creating photorealistic renderings as a part of its design intent feature. It offers complex patterns and color fills that help in providing back ground materials easily.  High quality photorealistic renderings can be achieved using excellent design components like ceilings, flooring, glass and glaze, wood texture etc. There are more items available in the software than we have just listed.

Extensive 3D modeling and rendering features

Revit 2019 has included many mind-boggling features for design presentation.  There are tools that help in developing quick 3d geometries with level developments that can be displayed in different views. The 3D views can also function without the need to switch to 2D views all the time. We can deal with the perspective views easily on the full view on the screen. This view helps in viewing the model intricately without having to zoom in and out mostly. Navigating between 3D and 2D has also become better with the new scope boxes in this new version.

These are some of the benefits that we have highlighted in Revit 2019. There are various blogs that also talk about live clash detection happening now, however it has not been published in authenticated Autodesk site, and hence we have excluded that point from this discussion. The point of debate is not about the best version or not so good version. In spite of all these features, lot of companies are still not going the BIM way for construction projects.  They may have their own reasons, but looking at the features and overall user experience Building Information Modeling is worth trying. As we all know Revit empowers an Architect and Engineer to create a collaborative work flow between design intent and detailing phase. There are such excellent tools in Revit that helps you create an accurate 3D model with complete building data and information in it.

As a reader, hopefully you may have gauged the benefits of using BIM and using the newer version i.e. Revit 2019.  Fresh or newbies can try using the older version to get familiar with the technology. Engineers, Architects, BIM Coordination Experts can try working on this version to experience the enhanced features.

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