JOB responsibilities of a BIM Coordinator

JOB responsibilities of a BIM Coordinator

With the advent of Virtual Construction Modeling, the construction phase have developed scaling new heights of efficiency. One advantage that all Architectural firms and construction companies have is the opportunity to perform BIM Coordination Services in the pre-construction phase. The term BIM coordination itself speaks volume about the process. We usually amalgamate Architectural, Structural, MEP, and Fire protection model disciplines to identify clashes, interferences etc. that can later create construction issues. While working with a collaborative approach it becomes easy to sort design issues efficiently during the pre-construction stage saving time that goes in redundant construction in absence of the coordination.

Software like Revit and Navisworks can help us detect and eliminate design issues much before the building construction goes live. There are different phases in the Building Information Modeling stage, one of them being MEP BIM Coordination. During this process, we can make changes in the virtual model and implement these changes during construction without any increase in the turnaround time.

MEP BIM coordination Process

MEP BIM Coordination Services is one of the most critical phases in the Pre-construction phase. This process demands a collaborative approach and includes the compilation of all design disciplines. This process is accomplished by a BIM coordinator. When we say collaborative approach it means that the coordination expert has to communicate with all the agencies involved in a project on the same platform. This is one of the main advantages of working with a collaborative approach. Previously communicating to each agency about the design issues are more of trouble, as there was no concrete visual tool to exactly present the issues. However, with a virtual construction model, it has become easy to present the designs in form of a 3D geometry. This process provides an excellent and productive platform to come to a conclusion in terms of design changes or any other changes required to make the building construction more productive. Let us understand the qualities and job responsibilities of BIM coordinator in more detail.

  • BIM Coordinator needs to be an expert in Modelling and should have experience of the design standards, codes, and calculations
  • MEP expertise is a must along with knowledge of the Architectural and Structural domain
  • Excellent communication skills and collaborative abilities to present design issues or model changes
  • Ability to extract clash reports and understand the gravity of each clash. Ability to offer better clash resolutions without compromising the design quality is vital.

Job Responsibilities

The MEP BIM Coordinator has to ensure that accuracy of the model at any cost. The process should be seamless with detailed presentation and collaboration between the Architect, Structural Engineer, MEP Design Engineer, Contractor, and end client should be perfect. This collaboration is the key to a successful construction process. Technically an efficient coordination expert should be able to resolve 90% of the clashes and interferences during the clash detection and BIM coordination Modelling process. If this does not happen then there is no point of going through the coordination process.

For any company to get the maximum output or productivity, the experience of MEP coordinator should be more than 4 years.

Companies can also outsource their BIM coordination services to India. India is emerging as one of the strongest destination offerings ends to end BIM Services. Outsourcing Companies also can work on collaboration task with great efficacy owing to the experience of working with online meeting tools, excellent experience in coordinating multiple trades, communication ability etc.

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