Growth of AEC, Construction Industry through CAD Services

Growth of AEC, Construction Industry through CAD Services

CAD services define a group of Architectural and Engineering services developed using a digital platform. Growth of AEC, Construction Industry etc. through CAD Services has been phenomenal. This digital platform can be AutoCAD, Revit, Google sketch up or any other software that helps in representing a building structure virtually in 2D or 3D format. Over a span of years, conceptual designing, Drafting Services, Architectural Visualization etc. have slowly and gradually shifted to digital platform and thus are categorized under “CAD Services”. Let us understand the digitization of the Architectural and Engineering services along with the benefits these have to offer us.

CAD Drafting Services are one of the basic services that any Architectural or construction companies can avail. CAD Drafting, pioneer the digitization of construction industry. Hand-drawn Architectural, structural or MEP drawings can be now drawn in AutoCAD, which is a well-known 2D software. With the help of digitization, these drawings can be saved, preserved on computers for future reference without occupying a lot of space physically. The risk of the drawings getting damaged after some years is completely ruled out. CAD Drawings can be used years after the building has been constructed for renovation and re-construction purposes.

Apart from CAD Drafting, another digital revolution in the field of construction is “Virtual Construction Modelling”. Virtual construction modeling is a technology that helps a Builder or Architect visualize a building design or structure before it is actually constructed. The advantages connected with BIM Modelling are plenty. One of the advantages is to validate the Architectural, Structural and MEP Designs before the construction begins. This helps in saving construction cost, phase wise project management along with drastic decrease in

According to the latest construction trends prevalent today, CAD Services such as BIM Modelling, 3D rendering services etc. are here to stay. In the next 10 years digitization of Architectural, Structural and MEP will be at an upswing owing to different technologies that are evolving. Scan to BIM Services have replaced manual survey and as built, Green building solutions accelerating environmental friendly construction is taking precedence.

Latest statistics demonstrates that there is a steep
growth in the utilization of overall CAD Services. BIM Outsourcing companies
are growing in numberi.e. if we go through the CAD market report, we can see
that in 2010, CAD market value was $6.4 billion, in 2011 it was $7 billion, in
2012 it was $7.4 billion, in 2013 it was $8 billion and it is expected that by 2019
it will cross $8.5 billion

Number of CAD and BIM outsourcing companies in
India is rampantly increasing. Latest trendsshow that utilization of CAD
Services such as AutoCAD Drafting, BIM Modelling Services, MEP BIM
Coordination, Scan to BIM, 3D Rendering Services etc. is remarkably growing more
in India, China, Philippines etc.

Excellent growth has been observed in the field
of CAD Services especially in the AEC and Construction domain. Even several
commercial industries like Aviation, Automotive etc. have benefitted
extensively using CAD Services.

Thereby, the growth spurt of BIM Outsourcing Companies and CAD Service providers clearly
state the bright future of the digitization of construction industry.

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