Structural Steel Detailing Project, USA

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
Structural Steel Modeling & Shop Drawings Development, USA
Project Objective

Develop a virtual Steel model with all the connections, bolts, beam, columns with a purpose of extraction highly detailed set of Fabrication Drawings with required reports to fulfill fabrication and installation requirements

Client Summary

The company for which we completed this project is a well-known Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection company in Florida.

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Project Summary

This client is a very well-known and renowned company in the Florida, USA connected with Tesla through a professional networking web portal or the completion of their ongoing steel fabrication project in Florida. This project was divided into two phases and included the fabrication of two large-scale Industrial plants. The requirement of the client was very clear with respect to the deliverables. Tesla was responsible to deliver Structural steel model which the client can use for Coordination, Steel Fabrication Drawings and Take-offs. This client had tried the outsourcing work model for the first time and was happy that he tried it. Total estimated hours for the project was 6000 man hours and delivery schedule was 60 working days.

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

Our team of Structural Engineers and Detailers developed information and detail-rich Structural steel 3D Model, Set of Fabrication Drawings consisting of

– Erection Layout
– General Arrangement Drawings
– Anchor Bolt Plan
– Connection Design and Detail drawings
– Quantity take off
– Part Drawings
– Assembly Drawing
– Fabtrol Report


– The project was 10% completed when we took up the work
– Clients were trying the outsourcing model for the first time, so we had to accustom the client
– Very short turnaround time
– Approximately 6000 hours worth Job had to be completed in 60 working days. Tesla completed it within 57 working days.
– Total 11 steel detailers worked on this project to complete the project in given time frame