What’s the difference between CAD Drafting vs Manual Drafting?

CAD Drafting Services is a technology that had prevailed in the construction industry in the way back to 1960s that helped the draftsmen to prepare building model on computerized software called as AutoCAD which depicted accurate detailing in the model and need not require the larger sheet to be stored for every drawing that was made.

Manual drafting was in primitive times where drafters used to prepare building model and its component drawing through the use of paper and pencil. It acquired a lot of time in preparing the building model and could have a fear of losing data easily as everything was on papers.

Construction professionals have now totally shifted to digitalization where building model is prepared on a computer and graphical represented which aids in providing many benefits as described below that makes the construction of project effective and efficient.

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What’s the difference between CAD Drafting vs Manual Drafting?
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