MEP BIM Modeling, Coordination & Installation Drawings, UK

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
Development of complete BIM Coordinated model for an TVC Tower in UK
Project Objective

To develop Architectural, Structural Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing Model along with MEP installation drawings after coordination process of all disciplines. Client wanted Tesla to complete the entire building consisting of 8 floors above ground + Roof + 2 Basements with an area of 7,00,000 square feet

Client Summary

The company for which we completed this project is a well-known onsite Construction company based in London, UK.

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Project Summary

Tesla was responsible to create Architectural, Structural Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Revit model for the TVC building. This was a challenging project and total estimated hours for the project was 6000 man hours with a delivery schedule was 300 working days. MEP model was developed from scratch based on the inputs given by the client. TVC Building contains studios, offices, engineering areas and the News Centre.

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

We had a team of total 20 BIM Technicians working on this project. 10 Architectural and Structural BIM Technicians and 10 MEP BIM Technicians phase wise developed the given input drawings and related information into detail-rich Architectural, Structural and MEP model.

After Modeling they performed coordination between MEP services and other disciplines. Post-coordination, we developed a complete set of MEP Installation Drawings with the Architectural background.


-Turnaround time was the biggest challenge. The project deadline was preponed while working on the project midway. We had to complete the project in 200 working days in spite of quoting for
300 working days.

– We had to increase the team size and manage the resources to work by putting in additional hours.

– There were some major design changes that happened during the project to avoid clashes while coordination. The design modification suggestions were provided by Tesla. In spite of all the changes, we were successful in completing the project earlier than scheduled.

– Tesla was instrumental in providing design suggestions for clashes that were detected due to design issues. We also assisted our client in modifying the design to great extent.