Architectural, Structural & MEP BIM Modeling of School Building, US

Project Highpoints
Project Synopsis
BIM Modeling: Architectural, Structural, MEP and BIM Coordination of School
Project Objective

To create an Architectural, Structural, and MEP model LOD 300 for a School building in USA and perform MEP BIM coordination after removing all the clashes.

Client Summary

The client is a global engineering firm based in the USA and spread over multiple locations. With over four decades of presence and experience in working on diverse projects, the company is a well-known name in the US.

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Project Summary

Tesla had to create Architectural, Structural, and MEPF models for a school building in the USA. The total area to be modeled was 3,50,000 sq. ft. This was a renovation project wherein the client had provided us with the pdfs of the existing structure and CAD drawings for the new designs. These included Architectural plans, elevations and sections, Structural design drawings and MEPF design drawings. The architectural and structural models were first developed by Tesla based on the existing structure and new design changes. We had a team of 3 architects and structural engineers working on the model. Once this model was approved by the client, the MEPF components were modeled and interference check and coordination were carried out on Navisworks.

Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

Final deliverables included coordinated Architectural, Structural, and MEP BIM model of LOD 300.

  • Routing pipes was a major challenge as the space for running the services was less. Tesla coordinated the model with minimum changes in the design after receiving the approval from the client.
  • The turnaround time was very short. Tesla successfully completed the project within 90 business days.