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MEP BIM Services

Tesla Outsourcing Services specializes in providing end-to-end MEP BIM Services and creating detailed MEP BIM models of required LOD as per BIM execution plan. Established in 2007, we have for over a decade helped some of the world’s most renowned construction companies optimize their preconstruction process.

At Tesla we have a dedicated multidisciplinary team of architects, BIM specialists and MEP engineers who have the ability to understand the complex set of technical factors which go into creating a construction ready BIM model. We have necessary quality checks in process to ensure that the final 3D model is compliant of all the applicable HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing building codes. Moreover, MEP Shop Drawings which are extracted from our BIM models, are detailed, precise and can be effectively used to install MEP components on site. They improve the overall efficiency and quality of the building.

We also provide high-quality MEP BIM Coordination and Clash Detection Services which can be utilized to identify any issues and resolve them during the design phase itself. It is our efficient business practices coupled with our client centric approach that has made use one of the most trusted BIM Outsourcing Company.

Our MEP BIM Services include

MEP BIM Modeling

MEP BIM Modeling Services

We are experts in providing 3D MEP BIM Modeling Services with HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire Protection. Our team of BIM Modelers and Engineers can develop highly complex and detailed 3D models depicting MEP components like duct work, electrical fixtures, lighting, plumbing, drainage, piping etc.

MEP BIM Coordination Services

MEP BIM Coordination Services

Our BIM Coordination Services helps the designers, architects and engineers identify any inter or intra discipline clashes and thereby saves time and money during the construction process. We use modern BIM software applications like Navisworks, Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD etc. to detect clashes.

MEP Coordination Drawing Services

MEP Shop Drawing Services

Our code compliant and standardized Coordination Drawings are used for onsite installation of MEP components during the construction process. The MEP Shop Drawing set includes sections, elevations, detailed drawing, layouts etc.

MEP Clash Detection Services

MEP Clash Detection Services

We provide superior Clash Detection Solutions which can be utilized to check for any hard, soft or workflow clash between architectural, MEP and structural elements. We can also identify any intra discipline clashes between the sub-disciplines of MEP like between mechanical, electrical, plumbing etc. By effective clash detection, construction companies can avoid budget overruns and optimize their on-site construction.

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We Provide MEP BIM Services for

Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Train Stations & Airport
Hotels & Resorts
Schools & University
Industrial & Gas Stations
Historical Monuments

What are MEP BIM Services?

MEP BIM Services is a process of developing an information rich 3D model which is concerned with the mechanical, electrical and plumbing aspects of the building. MEP systems of a building are important in ensuring the performance of the building at any stage in its lifecycle. These data rich models improve accuracy and by provide all the information to that is needed to perform BIM Coordination and reduce clashes.

A building design in fact has various MEP elements like VAV boxes, plumbing pipes, electrical equipment etc. With these many elements an inter or intra discipline conflict becomes inevitable. To manually address each conflict is a daunting and difficult task, however by performing clash detection in the preconstruction phase one can detect any hard, soft or workflow clashes. Moreover, BIM also provides crucial and precise information regarding MEP systems which can be useful at any stage of the building’s lifecycle may it be for offsite manufacturing or to mitigate onsite construction risks. Finally, the information provided in as-built MEP BIM models like the location, manufacture’s information, asset numbers etc can all be used for facility management. Thus, MEP BIM has managed to provide solutions to long time construction challenges of reducing rework and waste as well increasing speed and profit margin.

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