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Our Pricing Model

Every business strives to maximize efficiency with minimal costs. The traditional approach would be to do everything in-house, but today’s technological innovations have proven to provide alternative methods that are often more economical.

We offer different flexible pricing options to our clients.

Project Basis
This model is beneficial for projects with definitive/fixed requirements and scope. This model becomes particularly beneficial when a firm finds it difficult to meet the project requirements on stipulated time frames and the need for subletting the work becomes intermittent. Here, we review the project thoroughly and give a fixed price for the project.
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  • Fixed costs for projects
  • Defined projects
  • Minimum mid-stream project changes
Hourly Basis
This model is useful for projects which do not have specific requirements defined at the onset of the project. As the billing is based on the number of hours consumed, any mid-stream project changes can be accommodated.
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  • Multiple projects with fluctuating requirements
  • In-definitive project goals and timelines
  • Anticipated mid-stream project changes
Dedicated Resource
We also dedicate resource/s who work exclusive for a single client. This is beneficial for a long-term association as the resource is highly trained to understand your specific requirements. It is as good as hiring an employee without having to worry about additional infrastructure and project management costs.
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  • Fixed resource for your projects
  • Ongoing and long-term projects with full-time resource/s requirements

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