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5D BIM: Cost Estimation and Quantity Takeoff Services

Tesla’s team of skilled and experienced engineers and estimators excel in creating Quantity Takeoffs in coordination with a Revit BIM Model. These intelligent 5D BIM models enhance the collaboration between the project teams and stakeholders in order to establish a robust cost estimation for the construction process. We collaborate with architects, engineers, large construction companies and contractors to help them win projects and tenders by evaluating quantities and estimating costs through 5D BIM Services. This enables them to exhibit a list of material quantities besides a virtual model and observe the effects on building costs.

5D BIM is defined as the linking of the 5th dimension i.e. cost to the virtual model. The cost estimation is derived through the material quantities which are automatically generated from the 3D model and automatically is updated with any design change in the model.

We create 5D intelligent models using software such as Revit in conjunction with other 5D tools. This is extremely beneficial to the contractors and builders as it displays the immediate impact that material quantities may have on the construction costs. It allows for making optimal adjustments to the materials; thereby reducing wastage.

We provide 5D BIM Services for

Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Train Stations & Airport
Hotels & Resorts
Schools & University
Industrial & Gas Stations
Historical Monuments

5D BIM: Construction Estimating / Quantity Takeoffs and its Benefits

  • BIM Cost Estimation refines budgeting, delivers schedules along with costing, and displays several interactive estimates that enables the users to make comparisons at the pre-construction stage itself.
  • As the budget is adjusted continuously along with the project, it enables the builders and contractors take informed and optimal engineering decision while improvising the design.
  • It lowers project lifecycles, minimizes material costs, and saves time by enabling the creation of optimal designs and efficient project execution.
  • Budget and schedule forecasting helps in risk analysis for the project.
  • Construction Estimating enables informed decision-making by predicting the effect of design change on the cost and schedule of a project
  • Quantity Takeoff calculates the quantity of all the materials that are used in the building process. The total cost is also estimated from this giving a better control on the total cost of the project and reduce wastage.
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