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BIM Object Creation Services

Tesla is a BIM Outsourcing Company providing customized and ready to use BIM Object Creation Services globally. We work for manufacturers, product designers and BIM Companies who have an ongoing requirement of Architectural, Structural and MEP components . We create standardized and parametric Revit families from 2D CAD Drawings, PDFs with accurate dimensions and specifications.

Our extensive experience in the field of Revit Family Creation adds to our experience of handling BIM projects for more than a decade. Our Revit experts help us design customized and ready-to-use BIM elements that can be added into virtual design and construction models. With a proven track record of working with renowned constructions and design companies, we have gained a reputation of being a reliable partner for all Revit Family Services.

We create system, in-place, and loadable Revit families for architectural, structural, mechanical (HVAC), electrical, plumbing and fire fighting components that can be used directly in a BIM project or as a library. Our Revit specialists create custom parametric or generic families for architects, engineers, builders, fabricators, product manufacturers, etc. that aids in designing, planning and cost estimation for projects.

Our Revit Family Services Includes

Architectural BIM Family Creation

We create Revit families for various architectural elements such as doors & windows, walls, furniture railings & staircase, casework, foundation, entourage, etc. We also create library of architectural BIM objects that architects can modify to suit their project requirements.

Structural Revit Content Creation

Our engineers and BIM specialists are experts in creating Structural Revit Families for beams & columns, trusses & joists, stiffeners, corrugated roofs, fences, structural connections (base plates, mounting parts, gusset plates), steel sections, etc.

HVAC Revit Family Creation

Our Revit Content Creation solutions for HVAC components include creating duct hangers, air handling units (AHUs), fan coil units (FCUs), pipe (strainer, valve, hanger), fittings & valves, fire dampers, diffusers, registers and grilles, etc.

Electrical Revit Content Creation

We create BIM objects for all electrical elements that can be used to develop a library or for direct use in any project. These include creating BIM content for switches, sockets, transformers, distribution boards, lighting fixtures, fire alarm devices, etc.

Plumbing Revit Family Creation

Our varied portfolio of Plumbing families includes various components such as pumps, pipes and fixtures, valves, fixtures - washbasins, urinals, WCs, water closets, fittings, devices – gauges, measuring devices, water supply products, etc.

Firefighting Revit Content Creation

Our MEP engineers and BIM specialists excel in creating libraries and models for firefighting BIM objects such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire detection valves, alarm systems, fittings, cabinets, etc. These can be modified and incorporated in projects as per requirement.

We Provide Revit Family Creation Services for

Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Train Stations & Airport
Hotels & Resorts
Schools & University
Industrial & Gas Stations
Historical Monuments
What types of Custom Revit Families can we create?

System Families

System families are predefined families in Revit that can neither be deleted nor be saved to any other location. However, once inserted in a project, they can be edited. Elements such as walls, slabs, floors, ducts, pipes, etc. are some of the system families in Revit. We are experts in altering the configuration of existing system families in accordance to the project requirements. We can also duplicate a system family and then configure it in order to create a custom system family.

Loadable Family

We create accurate and customized loadable families of building and system components that need to be purchased, delivered, fabricated or installed. They can be architectural components like furniture, planting etc. or MEP components like fixtures, faucets etc. We can also add tags, dimensions, annotations and feed in several other specifications that can later be used for facility management. We specialize in creating loadable families which have many minute fragments. Our skilled multi-disciplinary team creates each part in a different .RFA file and then imports it to the master file and edits to get the desired geometry. Our skill and experience in nesting families inside other families provides time saving benefits.

In-Place Elements

We also create unique elements with distinctive geometry as per our client’s specific requirements. It could be a particular architectural façade or a unique display piece. We can also place of the in-place elements at multiple places in a specific project. We have in our experience of over 13+ years created in-place elements for architects, engineers, builders, fabricators, product manufacturers etc.
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