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Structural BIM Services

Tesla Outsourcing Services is an excellent partner for any construction company looking for Structural BIM Services. We operate with a clear motive of providing our clients with a competitive advantage by minimizing their costs, enhancing their customer service and maximizing their overall efficiency. We have an untarnished record of successfully complementing over 1000+ projects for some of the most construction companies in US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

We work on Structural BIM Modeling projects keeping in mind, the existing structural designs, analysis and calculations. We conduct design reviews, constructability reviews of the structural models prior to co-ordination process to ensure accurate 3D Models. Our team of Structural BIM Modelers, Steel Detailers and Structural BIM Engineers have the knowledge and experience of working on complex and detailed structural projects. They also work in association with our team of Architects and MEP engineers to conduct clash detection prior to on-site construction.

Along with providing precise BIM Structural Services with complex designs and detailing level we can also seamlessly transform your schematic designs, or construction drawings into information rich 3D BIM Models. We at Tesla, always go a mile further to ensure that high quality Structural BIM Modeling Services are delivered within the stipulated time and at competitive rates.

Structural BIM Services Include

Structural BIM Modeling Services

Structural BIM Modeling Services

We are experts in delivering detailed BIM Structural Modeling Services with Structural components like foundation, beams, columns, trusses, anchor bolts, purlins etc. We can develop 3D models within the LOD 100 through LOD 500 for various purpose like fabrication, as-built models etc.

Structural Quantity takeoff services

Structural Quantity takeoff services

We extract Structural Quantity takeoffs and schedules from structural models for our clients. These takeoffs can be used for ordering materials, planning manpower and budgeting the overall construction costs.

Structural Shop Drawing Services

Structural Shop Drawing Services

Tesla is an expert in providing Structural Shop Drawings which are extracted from Structural BIM Models. We ensure that these drawings are compliant with the relevant steel detailing standards. Our Structural Shop Drawing Services are utilized by Steel fabricators, Structural Design firms and Contractors to enhance their construction process.

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We Provide Structural BIM Services for

Residential Buildings
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Train Stations & Airport
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What are Structural BIM Services?

BIM is a 3D model based process that enables the structural engineers to design, document and fabricate Structural Systems more effectively. A Structural BIM Model represents the 3D Modeling of the structural components such as beams, columns, purlins, slabs, connection details, bolts etc. The structural discipline is related to the strength of the building and any errors in design could compromise the integrity of the building, hence the Structural engineers have to be extremely careful that they apply the necessary design codes and standards during the Structural BIM Modeling stage. Moreover, Structural BIM Model along with Architectural BIM and MEP BIM Model is used to conduct the BIM Coordination process to ensure that there are no inter disciplinary clashes. A clash-free model goes a long way in reducing onsite rework and waste as well as increases speed, efficiency and profit margins.

BIM software such as Revit has the capabilities to amalgamate the Structural 3d Modeling with design and analysis tools to further augment the construction process. It allows to get a cost approximation, extract material and quantity take offs. We can also create structural Revit families to place different components in the model. With the help of Structural Building Information Modeling, the structural engineer can reconnoiter multiple design options that can assist in developing a building structure that has a stronger bearing capacity.

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