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Steel Detailing Services

Tesla Outsourcing Services offers standardized, detailed and precise Steel Shop Drawings and Steel Detailing Services globally at competitive rates. We partner with fabricators and structural design companies globally to augment their capacity in creating shop-ready, high quality and detailed structural steel drawings for large-scale and complex projects.

With our 14+ years of experience in handling Structural Steel Detailing Services for international clients, our experience in interpreting structural design drawings, ability to understand design codes is unparalleled. You can count on our skilled team of structural design engineers and steel detailers to execute complex Steel Detailing projects as per applicable steel detailing standards such as AISC, BISC, Australian and Canadian codes.

Our list of executed projects includes residential and commercial buildings, industrial structures, educational and high-rise buildings, museums, stadiums, airports, bridges, highways, etc. We focus on consistency, quality and precision while delivering Structural Steel Detailing Services for stairs, roofs, canopies, handrails and guardrails, ramps, breeze way, sheds, conveyer belts, machine structures, pipes and racks, etc.

Structural Steel Detailing Services

Steel Detailing Services

Steel Detailing Services

Tesla is an expert in providing Steel Detailing Services globally for fabrication companies and structural design firms. We create accurate structural 3D models that can be used to derive quantity take-offs, and fabrication drawings. Our clients use these drawings to fabricate steel components by feeding the drawings directly to CNC machines.

Structural Shop Drawing Services

Structural Shop Drawing Services

We create detailed and accurate Structural Shop Drawings for global clients that include general arrangement drawings (GA drawings), erection drawings, anchor bolt plan, steel trusses, joists and purlins, connection drawings, part and assembly drawings/list, bill of quantities (BoQs), etc. We provide our clients with formats such as .NC files, Fabtrol reports, KISS files etc.

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing Services

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing Services

Our comprehensive Structural Solutions for miscellaneous steel components includes providing Miscellaneous Steel Detailing solutions for toe plates, girt systems and gage plates, stairs and handrails, grating details, studs, treads, ladders, nosing, cages, etc.

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We Provide Steel Detailing Services for

Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Train Stations & Airport
Hotels & Resorts
Schools & University
Industrial & Gas Stations
Historical Monuments

What are Structural Steel Detailing Services?

Structural Steel Detailing is a process of detailing and drafting of structural components of a building structure, industrial structure, machinery, bridge etc. for the purpose of fabrication. This involves creating a virtual 3D model of the entire steel structure using various detailing software and extracting drawings from this model. Even the smallest of details like connection, bolts etc. are drawn and detailed based on client requirements. Any change in the design is incorporated in the model which later reflects automatically in the drawings. The 3D model can be later used for BIM coordination and collaborative meetings.

Post the steel detailing and modeling process, steel shop drawings are extracted which are sent to fabricators for further manufacturing process. The drawings are extracted in file formats that are acceptable by CNC machines.

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